Adaptive Strategies for an Uncertain Future

Veteran Owned and Operated

We specialize in preparing individual citizens to survive life threatening events

Cibolo Creek Tactical is a veteran-owned company that provides effective, common sense approach to training, preparedness and security solutions. Using a training methodology that instills a Mindset to develop a solid base of fundamentals.

We tailor our courses to the individual's ability and to achieve maximum instructor to student engagement. During all of our instruction we use a systematic approach to training, formulating teaching outlines and determining instructional methods that best fit the students and training set. We utilize our real world experience and apply it to the current training to achieve an outstanding success rate. No problem set is too difficult. Adaptive strategies for an uncertain future. 

Owner Biography:

Mr. Ringeisen has over 26 years in the active military service, 10 years in different Infantry assignments with 4 years in the Infantry, 6 years Long Range Surveillance Units and 16 years in Special Forces (Green Berets), 16 years in 3rd SFG with a 2 year tour as a Chief Instructor for the Small Unit Tactics phase of the Special Forces Qualification Course. He retired as a Master Sergeant culminating his career as a Team Sergeant for Operational Detachment – Alpha (ODA).

During his time as an Infantryman, he served in all positions up to Weapons Squad Leader and Jumpmaster in the 82nd Airborne Division and in every position from Assistant RTO to Team Leader in 3 different Long Range Surveillance Units. During his time in Special Forces Mr. Ringeisen served as the Senior Engineer Sergeant (18C), Intelligence Sergeant (18F), Team Sergeant and Chief Instructor (18Z) within 3rd Special Forces Group and the JFK Special Warfare Center and Schools.

Throughout his career, he conducted operations all over Africa training indigenous troops in Foreign Internal Defense, Small Unit Tactics and Unconventional Warfare. He trained the Rwandan Demining Office to establish and increase the mine clearance capacity of the Rwandan Patriotic Army after the 1994 genocide. Served as part of a Regional Security Team conducting Threat and Vulnerability Assessments of US government locations in multiple countries around the globe. Mr. Ringeisen deployed to Far East Asia, Africa, Central America, Middle East and Central Asia including combat action in Operation Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Mr. Ringeisen has conducted a wide range of operations in Special Forces and Long Range Surveillance Units including special activities and counter drug operations. He continues to support the Global War on Terrorism as a defense contractor. As the owner and Chief Instructor for Cibolo Creek Tactical, he uses his real world experience to teach common sense fundamentals and TTPs. His courses are designed based off the experience level of the individuals taking the courses and can be modified to achieve the best all-around results.

His military awards include the Legion of Merit, 2 Meritorious Service Medals, 3 Bronze Stars, 6 Army Commendation Medals, one for Valor, 6 Army Achievement Medals, Navy Achievement Medal, 2 Combat Infantry Badges, Expert Infantry Badge, Master Parachute Badge, Republic of South Korea Parachutist Badge, Jordanian Parachutist Badge, Kenyan Parachutist Badge, Malian Parachutist Badge, German Parachutist Badge and Special Forces Tab.



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