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The Wall: The United States of America needs better security through better border management.

February 15, 2019

Barriers + Humans + Technologies = Effective Border Management.

Not one portion of the formula alone can or will be effective. Bottom line, you must have boots on the ground to respond to the crossing events. Technology can detect and report the event; Barriers can deter and prevent the event, but the Human factor must be there to determine and process the event.

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The Training Pyramid: Master the Basics

January 27, 2019

Training needs to be looked at in a systematic way when building your ability to survive, prevail and walk away from any crisis situation. Some of you may already possess these traits and have established a good base to build upon. Some may have taken courses that were “too cool for school” by instructors that have become overnight sensations. Good instructors have developed their training philosophy from many

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Go Bag / Bail Out Bag: The 5 W's

January 23, 2019

The Go/Bail Out Bag (GBO) should have the same characteristics as the Get Home Bag (GHB), In most cases this bag will be your GHB (able to carry 20-50 lbs of gear) but when you are bugging out or doing a long range vehicle movement and become engaged in a threat that you cannot eliminate, you will use your Go Bag to bail out and evade the threat. The Term “Go Bag” came from Special Forces Teams traveling by vehicles in

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Get Home Bag: What do you need?

December 17, 2018

Get Home Bag (GHB) – Should be a good intermediate backpack that can carry 20 – 50 lbs. of gear. The amount of gear and what kind of gear you carry depends on your experience, physical condition, location, and time-distance to travel. In a “get Home” scenario, you will use this GHB to ‘get home” from any place you frequent. It can be from your place of work 60 miles away, a business trip to a larger city 100 miles away or from a family vacation in another part of the country you live.

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