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This short book is the first chapter of the upcoming Tactical Preparedness Manual that will cover numerous subjects about preparing and planning. I began putting this book together for the soul purpose of helping people, to help them better understand how to plan and prepare for a crisis. There is a ton of information out there from many sources, some of the stuff that has been regurgitated from some old field manual or some preparedness website. You see multiple headings saying; Survival Hacks, Preparedness Tricks, etc. Surviving is not a hack and Preparedness is not a trick. Being prepared is common sense. 

  My main goal is to lay out solid fundamentals for preparing yourself and loved ones for a crisis. I use a systematic approach by establishing a solid base first then building on it with solid skill sets. In this short book, Training Philosophy, I detail how you need a proper mindset first and foremost. Which skill sets you need to work on and master. The proper definition of tactics and what they are based on....doctrine. I lay out a simple common sense approach to your gear and how to organize it in levels. I also cover some acronyms that you see throughout the preparedness world and how I use the terminology based off my real world experience. 

Instant Download (45 pages)
NOTE - This digital book is formatted in Adobe PDF. 

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