Area Study | Instantly Download Complete Checklist

The Area Study is a systematic process to gather information of your Area of Operations (AOR). Your AOR is what you establish as the area you work, live and/or go to school. That is all dependent on your needs. This information enables you to establish a detailed plan for emergencies, natural or manmade disasters.

The Area Study Checklist comes complete with all planning documents to enable you to do your Area Study of your Homestead, Basecamp, Hunting Camp, Lodge, etc. Understanding your surroundings and what they can provide you in an emergency or  crisis will save you and those you care about. 

NOTE: Instant Download

This digital product is formatted in Microsoft excel format with multiple tabs. Each tab covers a specific area for your area study. There are over 60 tabs in this extensive document. It is designed for you to fill in and update on the computer, save it as an excel doc. There are tips and instructions on how to best use each tab, how to add additional tabs and save entire document as a PDF for printing to add to your preparedness binder.  

Instruction pages are provided in PDF formats. Each one are design for you to use your unlimited ideas and add as much information as you feel you need. If you require further instruction than what is in the description, download instructions, and the checklist themselves, Cibolo Creek Tactical does have on site classes for everything for sell on the website. Please email us for future classes or to set up a private class.

Included with purchase:

  • Complete Area Study Explanations in PDF
  • Complete Area Study Instructions in PDF
  • Complete fillable Area Study in Microsoft Excel format

Download file will be a Archive (.zip) type file. You will need to unzipped file to reveal the folder containing all documents. 

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