Free | Case Studies in Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare: Algeria 1954-1962

This is the third publication in a series of studies by the SpecialOperations Research Office on insurgencies and revolutions.
The first report is a Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare: 23 SummaryAccounts. Three of these revolutions which were of particular interestwere selected for more detailed analysis: this study of the AlgerianRevolution (1954–1962); a previously published study of the CubanRevolution (1953–1959) and the forthcoming Vietnamese Revolution(1941–1954). A related study on the Guatemalan situation between1944 and 1954 is underway. Like its predecessors, this book deals with its subject analytically and is organized in support of the objective of portraying the Algerian Revolution’s essential causes, persons, movements, actions and consequences in such a way as to make possible the systematic comparison of one revolution with another. In this way it is hoped that we andother social scientists of similar interest may develop a more general and valid understanding of revolutionary processes. Until this goal is achieved, the reader of the studies in this series may make his own cross-comparisons and draw generalizations for his own use in understanding, coping with, or teaching about revolutions. 

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