Free | Special Forces Undergrounds in Insurgent, Revolutionary, and Resistance Warfare

Since the original publication of Undergrounds in Insurgent,  Revoluntionary, and Resistance Warfare in 1963, much has changed, and much remains relevant. The Internet, the globalization of the media, the demise of the Soviet Communism and the Cold War, and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism have all impacted th nature and functionality of undergrounds. The original study’s observation, however, that for every guerrilla fighter, there are from 2 - 27 underground members is still true. As defined in 1963; Undergrounds are the clandestine elements of indigenous politico-military revolutionary organizations which attempt to illegally weaken, or replace the government authority, typically through the use or threat of force.

Volume in the Series:

Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare, Vol. 1: 1933-1962 (Revised)

Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare, Vol. 2: 1962-2009

Undergrounds in Insurgent,  Revoluntionary, and Resistance Warfare 

Human Factors Considerations of undergrounds in Insurgencies

Irregular Warfare Annotated Bibliography


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