Free | Legal Implications of the Status of Persons in Resistance

Judging by the title "Legal Implications of the Status of Persons in Resistance," a reader might conclude this monograph belongs on a lawyer’s bookshelf. However, were that to happen, unconventional warfare (UW) strategists and practitioners will have missed an excellent opportunity to expand their collective thinking on UW. I submit to the reader and those interested in low-intensity military options that this volume should also have a prominent place on the desks of military commanders, military planners, and national security policy makers.
This document does not constitute legal advice. It is designed to provide an overview of legal information and general analysis on the framework that may be applicable to the status of personnel supporting, countering, or comprising a resistance. It is not designed to provide a comprehensive picture of the law as applied to a specific situation, nor is it designed as a comprehensive assessment of legal issues encountered in the broad context of resistance. Any references to scenarios are for descriptive purposes only to lend clarity to a concept or highlight areas of complexity or unsettled law. This document is intended as a guide to help educate and advance further research. Government counsel will want to ensure that further research accounts for changes in the law after the date of this document. Government counsel should be sought for an interpretation of the law or to provide guidance on a particular course of action.

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