Bug Out Bag | Instantly Download Complete Checklist and Planning Document

The Bug Out Bag (BOB) is designed for you to leave your homestead and travel to another location such as a bug out location. Imagine you are at home and a crisis happens. All the power is out and the situation is getting bad in the area you are living. The type of bag and it's contents are based off your planning and individual requirements. It depends on how far you have to travel by vehicle and/or foot. It depends on what routes you have to get to your location, if you are travelling alone, etc.

The BOB is not a one size fits all bag. The" 72 hr" planning time frame that you see all over the internet is pretty much useless. If you are bugging out, you need a planning range of 5-7 days to get you  and your family to your location. You need to consider your mindset, skill sets, tactics, and kit you have on hand. Your ability to plan out your Bugging Out Scenario and develop the best Course of Action (COA), your P.A.C.E. plan is dependent what resources you have at your finger tips. That is where the BOB Checklist and planning documents come into play. Utilizing this checklist you will systematically plan out your Bug Out Bag and work through your PACE plan. Develop your packing list that fits your specific needs and requirements.

 NOTE: Instant Download

This digital product is formatted in Microsoft excel format with multiple tabs. Each tab covers a specific area for your area study. There are over 20 tabs in this extensive document. It is designed for you to fill in and update on the computer, save it as an excel doc. There are tips and instructions on how to best use each tab, how to add additional tabs and save entire document as a PDF for printing to add to your preparedness binder.  

Instruction pages are provided in PDF formats. Each one are design for you to use your unlimited ideas and add as much information as you feel you need. If you require further instruction than what is in the description, download instructions, and the checklist themselves, Cibolo Creek Tactical does have on site classes for everything for sell on the website. Please email us for future classes or to set up a private class.

Included with purchase:

  • Complete Bug Out Bag Explanations in PDF
  • Complete Bug Out Bag Instructions in PDF
  • Complete fillable Bug Out Bag in Microsoft Excel format

Download file will be a Archive (.zip) type file. You will need to unzipped file to reveal the folder containing all documents. 

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