Operational Update 30 NOV 2015

November 30, 2015

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Welcome to Cibolo Creek Tactical. We are a Veteran owned company that specializes in preparing the American Citizen to survive life threatening events. We offer Consulting, Courses, Mentoring, Advising and products that assist you in preparing for any crisis. Adaptive Strategies for an Uncertain Future.





Cibolo Creek Tactical has completed our move to New Mexico. Currently working on locating a good outdoor range to use for future training events, classroom for classes, networking with other like minded businesses and building our client base. Here are some updates to the website:

  1. Forum was removed, did not really like platform that was being used. There was not enough of participation and was getting too much “spam” related events associated with it. I decided to focus on the Blog portion and establishing the Services and Store for the website.
  2. Local coordinations with a outdoor range for use for training. I will have use of a good flat range (75 meters), classroom and buildings. Great people who own the range. Having the classroom right on the range complex will aid in a fluid crawl, walk, run stage of the training. 
  3. Searching for location for land navigation training. State parks, BLM, private, etc. If private land then will use it also for small unit tactics classes.
  4. Completed legal paperwork and now have my business license to work in New Mexico. 

There is a lot of items i need to get accomplished to be able to do a grand opening of events. This should be in the May-June time frame. After the holidays I will again be doing my “bill paying” job again and will work hard toward getting a concrete schedule for this summer.

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Lani Ringeisen
Lani Ringeisen


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Ross Geller
Ross Geller

December 16, 2017

check out Defense Target for really good quality steel target systems.
$250 for rifle grade steel torso target, mount, and H base.RBase can also hols paper targete1x2 uprights. Recomend the hostage head flipper target w/ it. Mounts on a 2×4 that u supply. Ships for free. Veteran owned from NC. Changed name recently from RSR. Breaks down for easy vehicle
transport for training.

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